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RhinoGold 2.0 Launch

London - 3rd March 2009

Simply Rhino and TDM Solutions are proud
to announce the lauch of RhinoGold 2.0 -
a major upgrade to the popular Rhino plug-in for jewellery design professionals.

All attendees of this free event are eligible for Free RhinoGold training on 3rd or 4th March 2009.

New Features in RhinoGOLD 2.0 are:

• Fleximetrical Technology
This new technology developed by TDM
Solutions allows parametric objects to be
created without the complexity associated
with a typical standard linear parametric
modelling tree.

• Gem Studio

• Performance Optimisation for Gems
This feature allows gemstones to be
temporarily simplified with one click –
in complex assemblies this can lead to
a 24x performance gain.

• Gem Creator
Create any Gemstone using a single curve.

• Paves
New automatic dynamic pave tool
Pave UV, dynamic paves.

• Bezel, Head and Cutter Studio

• Jewellery Vault and Library

• Linear Arrays

• Polar Arrays

• Profile Manager

• Copy By Gems
Powerful and easy tool to copy any object
from stones. Useful for creating grain or
complex prongs.

• AutoCut and AutoFill
Allows cut 3D objects to be created using
only curves. This tool reduces the steps of
extruding planar curves and Boolean
difference to just one click.

• Relieve Tool
This tool allows relieves to be created from
curves – either nurbs surfaces or polygon
meshes can be created.

• Heightfield by Colours

• 3D Textures
Real 3D textures can be created on an object from just a 2D image.

• Animation Studio
Videos can be created in seconds. The user
defines the camera parameters, the video
quality (email, web or DVD) the render
solution and the export codec.


Provisional Agenda:

3rd March 2009

09.30 Registration & Coffee

10.15 RhinoGOLD 2.0 Launch with
10.15 Rafael del Molino of TDM Solutions

11.30 Render Solutions for Jewellery with
11.30 Phil Cook of Simply Rhino

12.30 Lunch

P.M. Free RhinoGOLD v2.0 Training for Jewellers Session 1

4th March

A.M. Free RhinoGOLD v2.0 Training for Jewellers Session 2

P.M. Free RhinoGOLD v2.0 Training for Jewellers Session 3


Parker Room
Metropolitan Works
41 Commercial Road
E1 1LA

Admission: Free

To register your place email

Or Call us - 0208 498 9900

This event will be hosted by Metropolitan Works, whose central London Bureau offers digital manufacturing and rapid prototyping services for businesses