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John Marshall specialises in the design of objects and spaces that challenge existing expectations and established behaviour via unconventional design methodologies. Marshall is undertaking PhD research at The Robert Gordon University, Aberdeen into the notion that digital tools such as Rhinoceros® enable new sets of creative, cultural and economic conditions for artists, architects, and designers.  Since 2002, Marshall has been also been working with sculptor Malcolm Cochran using Rhinoceros® as a design and visualisation tool for large scale public art projects.  Malcolm Cochran is Professor of Art and Coordinator of Sculpture at The Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio.


Marshall co-founded the company ‘rootoftwo’ in 1998 to research, develop, produce, and exhibit contemporary artworks, which incorporate emerging art forms and technology.  Previously, Marshall has worked as an Associate Lecturer in 3D Design at Leeds College of Art & Design and as a Designer/Model Maker for Evenflo Company, Inc.

Private Passage (2005)

The opportunity to create a permanent public artwork Private Passage for a new park on the Hudson River in NYC resulted in a work which developed from the history of the site as the major port for trans-Atlantic travel and the artist's experience of having sailed from NY to Europe as a young child. Private Passage is a 30' long by 8'-6” diameter wine bottle made of steel which houses a free recreation of a stateroom of an ocean liner. Visitors to the park can view the interior through portholes on the sides and ends of the bottle. Realising the work meant bringing together the talents and expertise of a computer modeller; master ironworkers at a century-old company that makes steel tanks and pressure domes for industry; and of sheet-metal workers who fashioned everything from a bedspread to a toilet out of stainless steel.

Clinton Cove Park, New York, NY.


Tête-à-Tête Falls

Falls is a two-part, two-sided sculpture constructed of split-face granite block to be sited in the north lobe of the Goodale Park Lake. Water pumped to a trough at the top of the form will cascade over weirs on the interior sides of the structure creating twin horseshoe waterfalls. On the backsides, it will flow over and down the two stepped, beehive-shaped forms creating different and variable water displays on all surfaces. Central to this concept is the desire to create a year-round water feature. Tête-a-TêteFalls is designed as much for the winter months, when ice will form in constantly shifting and unpredictable ways, as it is for the other seasons.
Goodale Park, Columbus, OH.

Project for the Ohio Supreme Court Building

The site for this project is an existing reflecting pool in a plaza next to an Art Deco building refurbished as the Ohio Supreme Court.  The artist’s thought is to place words central to the principles and practice of US jurisprudence in the pool.  The text consists of individual letters cut from solid, white granite each approximately 2’ square by 9” thick.  These will be installed just at or slightly below the full water line so that reflections may make the text elusive and fugitive.  In this way judicial concepts and principles ‘set in stone’ are made difficult to pin down. In winter months when the pool is drained the forms will on occasion be blanketed with snow.

Ohio Supreme Court Building, Columbus, OH.