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Waywood has been designing and making pieces of furniture to commission since 1986. They first became a customer of Simply Rhino in May 2003.

Waywood proprietor Barnaby Scott (Fellow of the Society of Designer Craftsmen) comments "Our prime motivation is the desire always to create something truly worthwhile, which gives pleasure to our clients, to ourselves and to future generations.  We generally favour simplicity of design and work in sympathy with the wood employing its natural warmth and feel. Although we aim for individuality, it is never achieved at the expense of a harmonious and functional design, nor solely by the use of

"We first encountered Rhino at a time when we were designing a spiral staircase. It soon became apparent that it was a job that would greatly benefit from 3D modelling on the computer and, as it turned out, some CAD work too.
Rhino fitted the bill perfectly, being very intuitive, and easy to learnon my own. Since then, the ability to model directly in 3D has not onlyhelped on the level of technical drawing - it has helped so much with visualising and playing with 3D shapes that we are freed up to become more creative. Not only that, but the knowledge that we can easily communicate with people who offer CNC machining services with our Rhino files (or Rhino files saved as IGES for example) that we now feel unconstrained by what is physically possible to make by hand or with our existing equipment. Though our work will always remain hugely hand-intensive, we are keen to use whatever technology has to offer if it will help us design and make better and more imaginative work, and Rhino has been an important step forward for us.


"A recent Rhino & V-Ray related success story for Waywood happened in October 2006. Waywood were finalists in a competition to design a desk for the Worshipful Company of Furniture Makers www.furnituremkrs.co.uk for the reception area of their new premises, "Furniture Makers' Hall". At the time they only had Rhino modelling experience and needed some expert advice and support to help first with choosing the correct renderer and then using the new renderer to produce winning results.  Creating the Rhino model itself was no problem at all but when the client asked for visualisations of the desk complete with realistic internal lighting, we realised that it was time to bring forward our long term plan of entering the world of computer-generated rendering rather urgently!"

With advice and some great support from Simply Rhino we not only met the tight
deadline but won the commission."

Waywood occupy a workshop comprising two Cotswold stone Victorian barns surrounded by 40 acres of land, half of which they have planted with mixed hardwoods. As well as the workshop they have a showroom open all year.