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CADWAX's Keith Reffell reflects on why he first choose Rhino, "A number of things impressed me at that time, I remember making use of every save allowed from the evaluation version of Rhino, the fact that it was not time limited really helped too.  Flamingo also made a big impression, adding photographic quality rendering for client presentations for a few hundred pounds was a really nice option.  To not have to commit to the complete solution in one go did appeal too, for me I purchased Rhino, improved my modelling skills then added Flamingo 1.1 & TechGEMS 4.1 later.  Rhino also had a good reputation for seamless integration with Rapid Prototyping devices and Milling Machines, something that I have gone on to explore and enjoy the benefits of myself!  Lastly, I jumped in and asked questions on the Rhino newsgroup, to know that there is a community of willing experts waiting to answer your questions, that was impressive."

Keith has 20 years experience as a Jeweller so is familiar with the challenge to Jewellers in changing from more traditional methods to CAD design and production, but having made the first step some years ago he is now able to look at developments in his CAD tools and identify how they will benefit his workflow.

"Rhino v4.0 has some great new tools for Jewellers I'm particularly excited by the new Universal Deformation Tools, being able to wrap solids onto other solids, stretch, bend and twist with no breaks in the model, great stuff."


Keith has worked closely with Simply Rhino for some time now, "Clearly, Simply Rhino are not just about selling boxes of Rhino.  You never know when you may need expert advise or support, its reassuring to know that option is there should I need it"

CADWAX does offer it's own service to Jewellers around the world in the form of downloadable pdf tutorials for Rhino3d and Techgems as well as their own active support forum, RP and Milling services.

Keith explains, "Our tutorials will guide you through the basic skills and techniques required to design and produce your first pieces of Jewellery. Developing your confidence to move on to more intricate designs."