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Turbocam Europe Ltd is the Fareham, Hampshire, UK facility of Turbocam Worldwide, the 5-axis machining specialists.

Turbocam manufactures complex components such as impellers, bladed discs, aerofoils and single blades for the turbomachinery, marine, automotive and aerospace industries.

Turbocam has used Rhino 3D for four years, initially as a low-cost translator. We progressed in our use of Rhino to create sections through customer models, previously a painstaking and time consuming operation. As the functionality
of Rhino was explored further, Turbocam started to use it for sales support, 3D geometry creation for simulations, and most recently reverse engineering, in combination with a Microscribe 3D digitising arm. The Microscribe arm was exceptionally easy to integrate with Rhino, and geometry creation is very straightforward – the arm becomes the mouse pointer for plane, circle and freeform curve creation.

Most recently, we have started to use it to simulate cutters as they fit between the blades
of a nozzle ring before passing the geometry downstream to the 5-axis CAM programmers. This has the potential to speed up programming still further. We now have 4 seats of Rhino with
a floating license, (the Zoo), which has helped immensely with our project management,
2d drawing and engineering departments.


We have written a series of scripts and have collected some functions together on toolbars to speed up geometry creation. We can even export simple toolpaths in 5-axis machine code for mill machining using a modified ‘export points’ script. Rhino’s flexibility is it’s key for Turbocam, and it’s very robust 3D geometry creation and editing functionality is a huge benefit to us.

Most CAD/CAM suites have strong CAM capabilities and are less proficient at the CAD side. Rhino plugs the gap for Turbocam, and at a very competitive price.