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Frequently Asked Questions about V-Ray 1.5 for Rhino

What are my installation options for V-Ray for Rhino?

Standalone or Network License. Order the same product from us, you choose how you
want to install it, similar to Rhino3d itself. There is one important difference, V-Ray for Rhino
comes with a USB hardware lock.

Are there installation instructions available?

Installation guides, help files and manuals can be found at www.spot3d.com or in the
downloaded installation package.

I run the beta of Rhino 5.0 64bit, can I use my V-Ray license with this?

Yes. There is a Rhino 5.0 64bit build of V-Ray for Rhino.

What if I have Rhino 4.0 32bit & Rhino 5.0 64bit (beta) and switch between
the two, any problems with that?

No, that’s fine you would install the separate versions & switch as needed.

Does V-Ray for Rhino use Rhino’s license management tool The Zoo?

No, it has its own licence management solution. A hardware lock is required to manage
V-Ray for Rhino licences. Detailed instructions are found within the Installation Guide,
download links are supplied with the software.

In the future I will want to replace my PC, upgrade to a new operating system, any issues there?

No that’s fine it’s expected that people will be doing this. Install Rhino3d, use the latest
installer for V-Ray and using your existing hardware key all should be fine. Any problems
let us know & we’ll help.

What happens if my hardware lock is lost, stolen or damaged?

It is important to take care of your hardware lock.  Ultimately it is the software developers
decision on what gets replaced. As with all software purchases we would suggest that all
customers insure themselves against this type of thing.

Does V-Ray for Rhino support Network Rendering?

Yes, this is called Distributed Rendering, setup instructions are within the Installation Guide,
download links are supplied with the software.

Can I use the processing power from my network in order to speed up my rendering times?

Yes, this is called Distributed Rendering, setup instructions are within the Installation Guide,
download links are supplied with the software.

How many PCs can I have within my Renderfarm / Distributed Rendering setup?

Ten. One license of V-Ray for Rhino allows you to use the V-Ray GUI and the tools inside the
platform, start one local render job and use Distributed Rendering on up to 10 render slaves.

What if the USB hardware lock is in the office server and I am at home,
abroad or in another office?

If you ever want to use some of the licenses in a different location, you can do so
via the internet.

Can I have more than one hardware lock?

Yes, if you have more than one license you can choose to have split licences and tie them to
additional hardware locks.

I have an existing hardware lock for V-Ray for 3ds Max or V-Ray for Maya, can I use that
to manage my V-Ray for Rhino licences?

Yes, all Chaos Group V-Ray products can be managed through a single USB hardware key if required.

Does V-Ray for Rhino make use of the GPU to speed up my rendering times?

GPU acceleration is not currently supported but this is a development
we expect to see in the future.

I have a quad core PC, am I getting the full advantage of this processing power?

Yes, V-Ray for Rhino will make use of all cores present on your PC.

What is the best overall hardware specification for both Rhino3d & V-Ray for Rhino?

Please see our Rhino 3d Hardware Guide page.

Missing some important questions and answers?

Please call or email us.

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