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V-Ray for Rhino

V-Ray for Rhino 2.0
Key Features

Rendering Core

Fast Multicore Ray-Tracing Engine

Specifically optimised for Ray Tracing,V-Ray allows users to create complex shading, area shadows, camera effects and GI with unparalled speed and accuracy.

Full Rhino Integration

V-Ray for Rhino is a fully integrated Rhino plug-in and supports 32bit Rhino v4 plus 32bit and 64bit Rhino v5

V-Ray RT Interactive Rendering

V-Ray RT Interactive Rendering

V-Ray RT (real time) allows the user to design and render simultaneously. The V-Ray RT
render window updates continuously reflecting design, material and environment changes as they are made. V-Ray RT can be used both as a self contained render solution or to provide fast, high quality previews before rendering in V-Ray.
V-Ray RT can be enabled either in the V-Ray
Frame Buffer or in the Rhino Viewport.
Choose between CPU or GPU acceleration.

See the V-Ray for Rhino RT Workflow Video for more details.

V-Ray Express

Users can easily access more than 200 materials
and interchangeable lighting setups to create
realistic studio scenes and illuminate models
faster than ever. V-Ray Express is a separate
download available at no extra cost for
Rhino v5 users.


V-Ray Proxies

V-Ray for Rhino Proxies Workflow Video
V-Ray Proxies (V-Ray Meshes) allow huge scenes to be rendered with minimal RAM requirements. V-Ray Proxy objects are dynamically loaded and unloaded only at render time, saving vital RAM resources. V-Ray for Rhino will create new proxy objects from Rhino geometry and read existing V-Ray Proxies from 3DS Max, Maya etc. See the V-Ray for Rhino Proxies Video for more details.


Control displacement on a per-material basis and generate detailed geometry at render time with maximum memory efficiency.Water Level feature allows geometry to be excluded beyound a certain specified height. Allows the creation of realistic grilles and perforated materials with three dimensional detail

Lights and Illumination

V-Ray Dome Light

V-Ray for Rhino Dome Light
The V-Ray Dome Light provides a simple, artifact-free solution for creating image based lighting. An HDRI image can be loaded into the Dome Light and the brightest part of the image is treated as a direct light resulting in true directional illumination and contact shadows. Great for studio scenes and product shots, the Dome Light can also be used for architectural exteriors.

See the V-Ray for Rhino Dome Light Video for more details.

HDR Light Studio Support

Live connection to HDR Light Studio with Light
Paint feature accessed directly within Rhino,
providing the most intuitive and creative way
to light a design.

IES Light

The IES Light uses photometric data to provide accurate light definition.

Sphere Light

Create spherically shaped area lights that have similar controls to the V-Ray rectangular lights.

Sun and Sky System


The V-Ray Sun and Sky system is compatible with the RDK Sun.

Sky Options

Control sky properties independently from the sun.

Sky Models

Specify sky appearance using Preetham et al, CIE Clear, or CIE Overcast models.

Global Illumination

Optimised GI Solutions

V-Ray provides a number of optimised solutions for creating Global Illumination, giving artists the complete control and flexibility they need.

Ambient Occlusion

V-Ray for Rhino Ambient Occlusion

Ambient Occlusion generates shading based on an object’s proximity, making it an effective solution for enhancing GI details without significantly increasing render time. See the
V-Ray for Rhino Ambient Occlusion Video
for more details.

Retrace Threshold

V-Ray for Rhino Retrace Threshold Video

Reduce Light Cache artifacts and improve the appearance of glossy reflections and refractions when using the time saving feature - Use light cache for glossy rays. See the
V-Ray for Rhino Retrace Threshold Video
for more details.


Materials and Shading

Physically-based Materials

Create materials based on physical properties using V-Ray's versatile shaders.

Material Preview

Preview materials accurately and efficiently. New 'Live Update' feature. Once a preview is generated, it is cached for later use.


Simulate shading around corners and crevices of objects based on a radial distance. V-RayDirt can be used to produce a variety of effects, including ambient occlusion renderings.

Interpolation (Reflections and Refractions)

Accelerate rendering by approximating and caching the effects of glossy reflections and refractions.


V-Ray for Rhino Dispersion Video

Dispersion trraces and refracts light based on its wavelength.

See the V-Ray for Rhino Dispersion Video for more details.

Alpha Transparency

Create materials with alpha transparency.

V-Ray Wrapper Material

Allows for the creation of true matte materials
which show the background as opposed to the
base material.

Procedural Textures

Utilise procedurally generated texture maps as follows:

• Falloff Granite
• Rock
• Snow
• Water
• Dirt
• Smoke Invert
• Speckle Splat
• Wood
• Marble
• Leather
• Stucco
• Noise

Color Space

Manage the input gamma of textures using Linear, Gamma Corrected, or sRGB options.

Camera and Optics

Physical Camera

Render any standard camera using physical camera properties, including Exposure, Depth of Field and Motion Blur effects.

Lens Effects

V-Ray for Rhino Lens Effects

Lens Effects Simulate the natural lens effects that occur when photographing highlights. See the
V-Ray for Rhino Lens Effects Video for more details.

Rendering Output

DR Spawner

Launch Distributed Rendering hosts without opening Rhino.

Color Mapping

Clamp Level defines the peak level for clamping bright colors. Adaptation Only uses color-mapping controls for calculations without applying to the final result. Linear Workflow applies inverse gamma correction to all materials, simplifying setup time for Linear Workflow.

V-Ray Frame Buffer (VFB)

Region Render specifies a portion of the scene to render. History saves render to the VFB cache, simplifying render comparison. Compare loads two renders directly in the VFB with A/B comparison controls. Material ID supports rendering Material ID channels for post processing.

Rhino RDK Support

V-Ray 1.5 for Rhino supports the Rhino
Document Sun, Edge Softening, Shutlining, and Displacement.

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