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Maxwell Render™ v2.6 is an unbiased rendering engine based on the mathematical equations governing light transport, meaning that all elements in the scene are derived from physically accurate models. The software offers a straight forward user interface, quick set-up, and an effective workflow though plug-ins to a wide range of 3D, CAD and Post production applications.

Due to its very nature, Maxwell Render enables users to create accurate and extremely realistic images. Maxwell Render is a recognized standard in architectural visualisation, product design, jewelry, flm production, scientifi cresearch and other high-end rendering markets, and the leader in render quality.

Maxwell Render™ Key User Benefits

Quick Setup

Maxwell Render’s approach is based on real-world units and settings, eliminating strange concepts and exhaustive lists of parameters. For example, the settings of the Maxwell Render camera work and adjust just like the settings of a real camera. Creating and rendering scenes is straightforward, and setup times are extremely low compared to other renderers. New Maxwell Fire (Fast Interactive Rendering) provides instant results while setting up a scene. Features such as Multilight enable users to edit scenes even after rendering has been completed.

Great Value

A Maxwell Render Suite license not only gives you access to the most realistic renderer on the market; you also get free plug-ins to a wide range of popular 3D and CAD applications (see below for available plug-ins) so you can use Maxwell Render while staying in the comfortable environment of the modeling software you are already familiar with. You will also have access to an online library of 4000 free and ready-to-use materials, skies, and pre-sets, plus hundreds of free tutorials and free support.

Unrivalled Realism

The technology behind Maxwell Render is physically correct and unbiased, enabling users to create materials, set lights and cameras, and render scenes, all in a hyper realistic manner resulting in images that are indistinguishable from photographs. Maxwell Render’s physically correct creations and data can help architects, designers and VFX supervisors understand what lighting inside or outside a building would look like once realized, or what a final poduct would look like in production.

Maxwell v2

Materials can now be stacked on top of each other, much like layers in a photo editing application.

Maxwell v2

Maxwell Render v2.6 can now use IES ans EULUMDAT files based on measured emission data from luminaire manufacturers.

Maxwell v2

Subsurface Scattering in v2.6 now has a special mode that can handle single sided geometry. This mode is very suitable for leaves, lampshades, paper, curtains etc.

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Maxwell v2

Maxwell v2

Maxwell v2

images above created in Maxwell v2
courtesy Benjamin Brosdau @ purerender.com

Maxwell Render™ Key Fields of Application

Architecture and Interior Design

Maxwell Render is the perfect solution for the high end, photo quality visualizations that architects and designers need. The physically correct simulation helps to envisage how natural and artificiallight will affect creations, and high-level integration with many major 3D and CAD applications provides a fast and straightforward workflo. Innovative features like Multilight enhance the workflow een further.

Industrial & Product Design

Used extensively in the automotive, jewelry and product design industries, Maxwell Render Suite offers a complete package for designers. While it is possible to create unlimited numbers of physically correct materials, the software also comes with a library of thousands of free, ready-to-use shaders. Maxwell Render’s physically correct lighting enables designers to create images that look like photographs, saving the high cost of a studio shoot.

Film & TV Production

Maxwell Render is a serious render option for the VFX production industries, offering extremely realistic and easily variable lighting solutions for advertisements and flms, as already seen in several high-end productions. Maxwell Render’s robust and easy-to-use network system provides the speed and control needed in the complex pipelines and demanding environments of high-end flm and TV production.

Kitchen - Benjamin Brosdau
Drink - Thomas Anagnostou
Calculator - Thomas Anagnostou
Fascia - Curt Roth