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RhinoJewel 5.0

RhinoJewel 5.0 is the latest evolution of TechGems. The new interface is optimised for the intensive creation of jewels.

Context sensitive and customisable toolbar buttons will give you an unparalleled workflow experience, more fluid and intuitive than ever.

Integrated tool windows and jewellery optimised layout will assist you through every step of design and creation process.

New Features in RhinoJewel 5.0 include...

Jewellery Design Interface:
Interactive Menus

Rhinojewel presents the new evolution of the Rhinoceros interface: on one side fast menus that open on rollover will save you the time as less clicks are necessary to arriveat the desired command. Jewellery specific layout (with tools & commands most used in jewellery design) on the other side will assist you through every step of the design and creation process.

Ring Creator by Sections

This tool allows you to create rings using 4 or 6 different sections (that you can choose from Sections Library) and a variety of parameters that you can use to tweak ring’s shape and size. Combination of sections and sizes gives you freedom to create the infinite variety of rings.

Eternity Ring Creator (Channel-Set)

Wizard allows you to create eternity rings and choose the number and size of gems to be used. It also allows you to change multiple parameters, save sets of parameters for future use and load and change saved sets of parameters as you need.

Eternity Ring Creator (Prong-Set)

This tool allows you to create prong-set full eternity rings for round brilliant-cut stones within seconds. This tool is based on a set of parameters which can be specified by the user to create an infinite range of custom eternity rings, all ready to prototype.

Bezel Setting Creator

With Bezel Setting Creator you can create bezels for 8 different types of gemcuts (round, square, square, rectangular, octagonal, oval, marquise, pear and triangular) with a possibility to control multiple parameters of bezel form.

Prong Setting Creator

The Prong Setting Creator is designed to assist you with the automatic creation of custom prong settings for all kind of gemstone cuts. It is extremely easy to use and even a novice will be able to create prong settings within seconds. At the same time this tool allows a lot of freedom to customize settings according to your specific requirements. It is based on a set of options to select, and parameters to specify, which allow the user to quickly create an infinite range of customized prong settings, all ready to prototype.

Inset Pavé & Beads Blocks

This tool is designed to assist the user during the creation process of Pavé Settings and Bead Settings. It fuses the Rhinoceros concept of Blocks (see Rhino Help) with advanced jewellery making knowledge and stone setting techniques. The tool allows the user to insert "Blocks" of different sizes anywhere on a specific surface and perpendicular to it, including on a specified surface (or anywhere on the construction plane of the active view).

Automatic Grain Placement

This tool allows you to place automaticaly personalised grains on surfaces where you have inserted pavé blocks.

Insert Gems & Drills

Allows you to insert pavé drills of specified dimensions in millimeters - with or without a corresponding stone - on surfaces or polysurfaces.

Advanced Boolean Operations

This tool allows you to perform complex boolean operations with many objects and it offers a major control over the objects and operation sequence.

3D Textures

The 3D Textures tool is designed to assist with the creation of textures for jewellery, watches, objets d'art, etc. The tool gives you a set of parameters that you can specify to create random textures on a flat surface starting from an object. In order to do this you first need to create both the flat surface and the object that you intend to use to generate the texture. When satisfied with the result you can use the 3D textured surface you generated as the base for further modeling of your creations, in particular by using the Flow along surface tool.

Pattern Laser Engrave

The Pattern for Laser Engraving tool is designed to assist you with the automatic creation of patterns that may be applied to jewellery, watches or objets d'art by means of laser engraving (or by means of CNC milling, Rapid Prototyping, etc.). This tool helps you create patterns on a flat surface which can be used as the starting point for further modeling, in particular by using the Flow along surface tool.

Project Time Tracker

This tool keeps track of the time you spend on an individual project file (*.3dm). It can be extremely useful for free-lance modeller who wants to keep track of the hours he spends on a different projects. Time value is stored together with its 3dm file once it is closed and will continue the count after the 3dm file is

Full Project Report

This tool produces the complete material and weight report of metals and gems used in the project with possibility to add detailed information about the model (image, reference...), modeller (name, logo...), client (name, contact details...) and specify comment regarding the model.


All advanced jewellery design tools that Rhinojewel 5.0 inherited from TechGems 4.2. have been reprogrammed in .NET technology and improved to achieve better integration in Rhinoceros and that gave life to a unique solution for jewellery design: Rhinojewel 5.0.

Advanced Jewellery Design Tools

• 1D Scale Perpendicular to Surface, from Surface or Centroid

• Array along Curve on Surface Multiple Objects

• Gem Size Report

• Select Brilliant Cut

• Findings Library

• User Library

• Animator

• Intersection Plane

• Insert Gems

• Array Pave on Surface

• Advance Scale Ring Size

• Incremental Array on Surface

• Multiple Offset Both Sides

• Variable Size Array Adapting to Surface

• Stone Weights

• Metal Weights

• Multiple Scale

• Multiple Volume Centroid

• Dummy

• Chain Creator


• Insert Gems by Material

• Insert Gems by Shape

• Gemstones Report

• Size Label

• Material Label

• Change Gem

• Incremental Array along Curve on Surface

• Variable Size Array adapting to Surface

• Array Pave on Surface

• Insert Pave Block on Surface

• Change Gem Blocks & Gems

• Pave Block Manager

• Unlock Signity Gems

• Select Gems / Select Gems by Type

• Select Drills and Explode for Boolean Operation

• Select all Labels

• Pave Sample

• Update & Buy the complete version of the