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The Zoo provides more efficient use of Rhino, Flamingo, Penguin, and Bongo licenses. Licenses can be installed as either a workgroup node or standalone license.

When a workgroup node starts, it sends a request for a license key to the Zoo. If there are unused license keys available, a key is assigned to the workstation. When a node shuts down, the key is returned to the Zoo's available license pool.

Features include:

No special server hardware is needed. The Zoo will run on any system in the same network workgroup. The Zoo and all computers running Rhino must be behind the same network router. License requests do not pass through routers. (For details on setting up a Windows network workgroup, contact your network administrator.)

No special versions of Rhino, Flamingo, Penguin, or Bongo are needed.

Very little administration is required. The license keys are typed into the Zoo instead of on individual systems.

A workgroup can have a mix of nodes and standalone licenses.

Rhino license keys can be checked out so laptop users can disconnect from the network. The key can be checked in again when the laptop is reconnected to the network.

Workgroup nodes will keep working even if the network connection or server is down, but workgroup nodes cannot start up without access to the Zoo.

The Zoo does work with Rhino 4.0 Educational LAB Licences.

Installation and setup

Download the Zoo free of charge.

Install the Zoo on any computer in your network.

Install Rhino on any computers in your network as a "workgroup node".

Type in your Rhino CD-Keys in the Zoo (except for the first set, e.g: RH30).

Note: If the computer running Rhino or the Zoo is using a firewall, be sure that UDP port 138 is open. This is one of the ports Windows uses for NetBEUI over TCP/IP communication and is likely open already if Windows folder browsing and other Windows networking services work.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does the Zoo cost?

The Zoo can be downloaded free of charge.

Where should Zoo be installed?
Anywhere (behind the same router as the client computers). It doesn't take a fast computer, or a fancy server. An old tired computer should be just fine, provided it has a network connection.

Which should be installed first - The Zoo or the application?
It doesn't matter. Both need to be installed when you start the application, otherwise you don't get a license. The application installers do not check for the existence of the Zoo to install.

If there is a standalone license installed on a server (or other networked computer), should it be uninstalled and installed again as a workgroup node?
Not necessarily. If you have a user who uses an application all the time, she might have her own stand-alone license. If you leave this license as a stand-alone license, do not put the CD-Key in the Zoo. If you decide to convert this license to a workgroup node, you do not need to uninstall first. Reinstalling over the top of the old installation will maintain the user's configuration options. You can have a mix of standalone and workgroup node licenses on the same network. The combination depends on the demand your users have for Rhino.

Does it make sense to use Zoo with one application license only?
If you have only one license, the behavior is the same whether you use the Zoo or install several stand-alone copies with the same CD-Key. When you decide your office is using Rhino more and you buy another license, it will be easier if you installed the Zoo in the first place. All you do is add a CD-Key to the Zoo - no more installation is required on the client computers.

Are Flamingo, Penguin, and Bongo installation with Zoo the same as that of Rhino?

I'm a network administrator with no knowledge of Rhino, Flamingo, Penguin, or Bongo. What do I need to know before I install the Zoo?
The Zoo can be installed on any computer. It installs a few files in one directory (of your choice). The installer doesn't require any input other than a directory to install. Once the Zoo is installed, you need to add licenses to the Zoo.

How do you add licenses to the Zoo?
To add licenses to the Zoo, from the Edit menu, select Add. The licenses are inside the back cover of the application User's Guide or in the front of the CD case. Find each license for the numbers.

Is the Zoo a service on Windows NT/2000/XP?
The Zoo is not a service. It installs as a program on NT4, 2000, and XP. This means that you must log in to the computer and start the Zoo if you reboot the server. We are not currently working on a service implementation of the Zoo.