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Simply Rhino

Rhino for Jewellery
CAD Consultancy/Modelling Sessions
For Individuals or Small Groups

These exclusive sessions are suitable for any Jeweller, with any level of experience or ability with CAD. Free of charge to any RhinoGold customer of Simply Rhino, these sessions are also bookable to all others at £40.00 plus VAT per hour. Beginners or very experienced Jewellery / CAD professionals alike are welcome. You will be met and advised by a Jeweller who is also an expert and certified trainer in both Rhino & RhinoGold software.

Whatever the type of jewellery; from rings to bracelets, cufflinks to giftware, silverware, fashion jewellery or watch design, our expert can help you. Whether it's very specific questions / problems or perhaps a general interest in modernising your design process are all welcome.

Some possible and diverse topics that can de covered within any session:

Bring your sketches, we'll show you how to

Starting with CAD for Jewellery Design -
an introduction.

Solving traditional problems using
modern technology.

Advanced Modelling, know the basics but
in need of help?

Creating Stunning Imagery - Photo Realistic

Creating Artistic Iamgery - Sketch /
Watercolour Output from your CAD models.

Preparation for RP (Rapid Prototyping) Output

About Rhino & RhinoGold:

Used by many thousands of Jewellery Designers around the world, Rhino, sometimes referred to as Rhino3d, is at the heart of RhinoGold.  RhinoGold allows jewellery designers and manufacturers to modify and manufacture pieces precisely and quickly without sacrificing a clear, intuitive interface.

RhinoGold is designed and developed by
jewellers for jewellers.

For stunning photo-realistic images RhinoGold
has it's own very easy to use high quality
rendering option called
RhinoGold Render Studio

Compatible with other renderers such as
Flamingo, Penguin, KeyShot, VRay, Brazil
and others...

The software itself is affordable and there
are no annual maintenance fees.

Further classroom training (at realistic prices)
is available.

Precision and professionalism in all stages of
modeling, making it ready to use for

RhinoGold has creative tools & control allowing
you to adapt stone size, shape or head
parameters to create many design variations
in seconds.

All key process in Jewellery design &
manufacture are covered:

Sketching, Drawing, Modeling, Deformation,
Protoyping, Exporting, Rendering, Animation,
Analyse, Costs,...

RhinoGold is an application based around Rhino with its own Jewellery specific tools and interface.  So, all of the large toolset of Rhino itself is also available to you.

Uninhibited free-form 3-D modeling. Accurately
model any shape you can imagine.

Extreme precision. Design, prototype,
moulding, analyze, document, and
manufacture anything of any size no matter
how small or how large.

Unrestricted editing. Revise freely without
concern about how you got there or where you
want to go next.

More on RhinoGold here

About the Trainer:

Joan Codina is a Jewellery Designer, he studied at Escola Massana, Barcelona.

He is an Authorised Rhino & RhinoGold Trainer.

Venue:_Simply Rhino Training Classroom
Venue:_at The Goldsmith's Centre
Venue:_42 Britton Street
Venue:_EC1M 5AD

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One on One Rhino for Jewellery
One to One Rhino for Jewellery

One to One Rhino for Jewellery

One to One Rhino for Jewellery

One to One Rhino for Jewellery