Decoding Craftsmanship II

Decoding Craftsmanship II is organised and hosted by Joseph Walsh Studio.

It is the second event in a series of seminars and workshops that explore how emerging technologies can enable a new form of maker culture.

Decoding Craftsmanship I - March 2017 Decoding Craftsmanship I - March 2017


  • Decoding Craftsmanship II takes place from the 21-23rd September 2017 at the Joseph Walsh Studios, near Cork, Ireland
  • The event consists of a 2-day Rhino Workshop (21-22nd September) and a 1-day Seminar (23rd September)
  • Rhino trainers Phil Cook and Sean Cowell (Simply Rhino) and Vanessa Steeg (McNeel) will be delivering the 2-day Rhino Workshop - view the Rhino workshop outline
  • The workshop is perfect for designers working in such areas as Furniture design, Product design, Marine design, Jewellery design, Interior design, Sets & Props and Architecture
  • The 1-day seminar that follows the workshops includes the following speakers: Humberto Campana; John Makepeace; Gareth Neal; Chris Lefteri; Hans Günther Schnell; Jorg Berchtold; basket maker Joe Hogan and architects O'Donnell + Tuomey


Joseph Walsh Studio - Decoding Craftsmanship II 


Booking is now available - please visit the Joseph Walsh Studio site for more information and to secure your place on the 2-day Rhino training course, the 1-day Seminar, or both.


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