VR with Rhino UGM - 2017

VR for Rhino User Group Meeting

We’re looking to bring together a group interested in meeting in order to network, discuss and explore Virtual Reality solutions for Rhino.  

At each meeting there would be at least one presentation from a customer with experience in this field, all followed by group discussion and informal pleasantries. 

Our first VR for Rhino User Group Meeting date is set for Tuesday 10th October 2017 in London and we hope you can join us.


VR - Image credit Mathew Parri Thomas VR - Image credit Mathew Parri Thomas


The meeting will commence with a presentation from Grimshaw Architects:

Grimshaw has a history of using VR in an architectural setting, including early adoption of the Oculus Rift as a fully dynamic environment, and subsequently Samsung Gear headsets for more static experiences.

Over the past year, we have been increasingly looking at using VR beyond a presentation capacity, and integrating the technology into the design process. To date this has largely been looking at using VR for design reviews through Prospect, with the hope of progressing to a modelling platform via applications such as Mindesk, and eventually developing our own tools to leverage the most from VR.

The presentation will show our experiences and progress using VR and Rhino, from early exploration for presentations to a more established review-oriented workflow.


VR - Image courtesy of Grimshaw Architects VR - Image courtesy of Grimshaw Architects


Following the presentation from Grimshaw there will be a group discussion on the following topics:

  1. How best can we format these meetings?
  2. Should we invite specific developers or hardware manufacturers along to contribute?  Who would you like to see?
  3. Who would like to present their own VR for Rhino experiences in the future?
  4. Would anyone like to volunteer to act as host for a future meeting?
  5. Shall we continue to the pub? 


We hope to see many of you at this first meeting, please don’t forget to let us know you are coming by registering for your place - see above. This is important and will enable us ensure space for everyone!

Last, but definitely not least... 

Thanks to Softroom for supporting this initiative and hosting this first VR with Rhino UGM 

Photo/Image Credits:
Top Left / Top Right - Courtesy of Mathew Parri Thomas
Bottom Left / Bottom Right - Courtesy of Grimshaw Architects

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