3D Modelling

3D Modelling (3)

Rhino3d v6 for Windows

Rhino can create, edit, analyze, and translate NURBS curves, surfaces, and solids in Windows.
There are no limits on complexity, degree, or size. Rhino also supports polygon meshes.

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Rhino v6 is shipping now with the great features of Rhino v5 for Windows plus the following New Features and Enhancements in this new Rhino 6 for Windows:

  • New / Enhanced Grasshopper Included – Single Installation
  • New Raytraced Viewport Mode
  • Display Speed – Huge Improvements over v5
  • Enhanced Annotation & Dimension tools
  • Make2D  - New and far more capable
  • Surface Matching with History
  • Sweep & Blend Surface with History

and much more! 

Want to learn more about the improved features in Rhino v6? Then watch the videos in our Rhino v6 video series: 


Interested in finding out about which hardware and operating systems work best with Rhino 6? Go to our Support and Advice page here.


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Rhino3d for Mac

Rhino for Mac v6 now available

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Rhino for Mac, sometimes referred to as Rhino for OSX, differs in some key areas to the Rhino3d for Windows product, please contact us for details.

Rhino3d for Windows is one of the most widely used 3D modelling applications in the world. Popular with designers, architects, engineers, artists and manufacturers - there is simply nothing to equal Rhino in terms of price and performance. Now this powerful modelling application is available for Mac OSX.

Watch our video in which our Senior Rhino trainer Phil Cook takes a look at some of his favourite features in Rhino v6 for Mac:


Rhino is popular across a broad range of industries including architecture, jewellery, marine design, product design, film and TV, exhibition design, point of sale and transportation. Highly accurate technical surfaces and solids shared with customers and colleagues via a wide range of common file types and Rhino has all the tools required to create 2D production documentation when necessary. Rhino natively supports 3D printing and rapid prototyping and all 3D printers or 3D print bureaus will accept output from Rhino.

Rhino for Mac has been designed from the outset to look and feel like a true Mac application. The interface of Rhino3d for Windows and Rhino for Mac are purposely very different - a real 3D working environment is accessible within the comfort of the Mac interface. Unrestrained modelling tools allow the user to model anything that can be imagined regardless of shape, complexity or size. Work freely with 2D or 3D curves, surfaces solids and meshes; import existing models, geometry, photographic references or sketches via a vast range of file types. Rhino’s non-prescriptive workflow ensures that designers can model in an individual and unencumbered manner whilst maintaining a high level of accuracy. Besides the 3D environment, Rhino has a full set of 2D tools suitable for both initial design layout and production drafting.

Some notes from the Rhino for Mac Product Manager - Dan Belcher, McNeel -  “Rhino is used in so many different industries; where there’s freeform shapes, there’s Rhino.  It has a robust set of solid, mesh, and analysis tools.  It has stylistic display modes that make it clear, fast, and fun to get things visualized.  It’s compatible with so many different products...the go-to software for interoperability.  Support is free and human-scale - no silly tickets and bureaucracy - not to mention the user community that has built up over the years.  Rhino has become the platform for so many creative projects and we are excited to bring it to the Mac.  We think that experienced modelers and OS X users will feel right at home.”

Rhino is relatively easy to learn. Simply Rhino have a wide range of training solutions for Rhino designed to shorten the learning curve and provide industry specific workflow solutions.

Finally, Rhino is extremely competitively priced and there are no annual maintenance or support fees.


Are you completely new to Rhino for Mac? Then watch the Rhino for Mac tutorial video series our trainer Sean has put together which covers the very basics you need to start your journey with Rhino3d on the Mac. In the first video Sean introduces you to Absolute Coordinates, Relative Coordinates and Distance Angle Constraint. 


The Zoo



The Zoo

The Zoo is a Network License Manager which allows Rhino for Windows and / or Rhino for Mac users to Float / Share their Licences on their network.  The same network tool supports Flamingo, Penguin, and Bongo licenses plus some plug-ins from 3rd party developers such as RhinoGold & RhinoNest.

The Zoo is typically used where there are multiple licences being shared across multiple workstations.

When a workgroup node starts, it sends a request for a license key to the Zoo. If there are unused license keys available, a key is assigned to the workstation. When a node shuts down, the key is returned to the Zoo's available license pool.

The Zoo is not the solution for individuals with multiple computers, it is a solution for organisations who have more users than licences.


Setting up Zoo 6:

1.  Download and install the Zoo on a single computer on your network

2.  The Zoo uses TCP Port 80 (cannot be changed), make sure that port is open

3.  Run ZooAdmin, enter Rhino for Windows or Mac License Keys License Keys


Contact us for download details


Features include:

  • No special server hardware is needed. The Zoo will run on any Windows system in the same network workgroup
  • No special versions of Rhino, Flamingo, Penguin, or Bongo are needed
  • Very little administration is required. The license keys are typed into the Zoo instead of on individual systems
  • A workgroup can have a mix of network licences managed by the Zoo plus standalone licenses if required
  • Rhino license keys can be checked out so laptop users can disconnect from the network. The key can be checked in again when the laptop is re-connected to the network
  • Workgroup nodes will keep working even if the network connection or server is down, but workgroup nodes cannot start up without access to the Zoo
  • The Zoo 6 works with Rhino Educational LAB Licences but not Rhino Educational Single Licences


Further Notes on Zoo for Rhino for Mac:

If you do not have a Windows system to run the Zoo, then you can use VMWare Fusion Pro, which allows you to run Windows on a Mac.

Zoo for OS X is under development


If you have any questions on The Zoo we’d be happy to help.