KeyShot 9

When looking for a renderer to work with Rhino you may find that KeyShot is the right choice for you.

  • KeyShot is a stand alone rendering application that works alongside Rhino3d
  • KeyShot also directly imports files from a wide range of other modelling applications including Alias, Catia, NX, Pro/Engineer, SOLIDWORKS and Inventor; so if you are looking to render output from more than just Rhino3d then KeyShot may be a good option
  • Originally developed for the automotive industry and popular with industrial designers and engineering designers, KeyShot creates photorealistic visuals with drag and drop simplicity. KeyShot is easy to learn and most users do not require training
  • A KeyShot plugin for Rhino3d allows for 'Live Linking'. This allows changes and refinements to be made to the model in Rhino3d and then sent to KeyShot without losing any previously applied views, materials or textures.
  • KeyShot is currently at version 9. KeyShot 9 brings you more... More ways to create, More Material Possibilities, More Lighting Control and a More Flexible User Interface. Find out about these new features and see if KeyShot 9 is right for you.

Using KeyShot is remarkably straightforward. A real time preview window shows updates as and when you make them.

Start by importing the model and applying materials - there are over 700 scientifically accurate materials in the included library.

Next choose the lighting from a library of included HDR images and then frame your image just like you would with a real camera.

Finally, adjust the background and use either the real time preview image or create an off-line render at a chosen size.


Watch our video below to learn about new features in KeyShot 9 that will likely be of most interest to Rhino3d users, these are:

  • Fuzz (Pro Version only)
  • Denoise
  • GPU Rendering
  • Real Cloth (Pro Version only)
  • Model Library



If you have any questions regarding KeyShot, or you would like to enquire about purchasing a KeyShot license, then you can call us on the number at the top of the page or email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. - we’re always happy to help and would love to hear from you.

Key Features

KeyShot 9 Key Features

KeyShot features tools and the fastest workflow for creating still and animated visuals. Within a few minutes, apply scientifically accurate materials, work with textures and labels, adjust HDRI and physical lighting, move your camera for the perfect shot, create animation and interactive KeyShotVR’s and see it all happen in real-time.


Simple interface

  • KeyShot’s simple user interface is minimal, but powerful, with all the options you need for advanced visualization and none of the clutter to impede workflow

Rendering Speed

  • The speed you have within KeyShot cannot be compared. Whether your on a small laptop or a networked server with multiple CPUs, KeyShot will use all the cores available.

Powerful Animation

  • The KeyShot Animation system is a new streamlined approach to quickly creating fluid product animations with real-time update and playback to see it all as it’s created.

Advanced features

  • KeyShot Pro level features deliver advanced capabilities that deal directly with product development workflow and conceptualization for ultimate visual satisfaction.


KeyShotVR brings the advantage of interactive 3D-enabled viewing via desktop, laptop or mobile device to produce portfolios, presentations and collateral for design reviews. Product designers, marketers and KeyShot users who want to extend the presentation of their visuals are able to create the high-quality, ray-traced 3D content directly from inside KeyShot.

Place your mouse over the image. Click the left mouse button to rotate and right mouse button (or scroll) to zoom.

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Import options

With over 20 supported 3D file formats, KeyShot imports the largest number of file types of any 3D rendering software. Along with being able to handle large data sets and different file types, KeyShot provides options to make sure your data is imported accurately and ready to apply materials. With plugins for 3ds Max, PTC Creo, Pro/ENGINEER, Rhinoceros, SolidWorks and SketchUp, import capabilities are extended even further.

Technical Details

Technical Details / System Requirements

  • KeyShot takes full advantage of all CPU cores and threads inside a computer.
  • Performance scales linearly with the number of cores and threads in your system.

To get started, this is all you will need:


Basic System Requirements for KeyShot



  • Minimum 2 GB of RAM
  • Minimum 2 GB hard disk space
  • 3 button mouse
  • Monitor resolution of 1024 X 768 or greater
  • Any graphics card
  • Internet connection (for product activation)


Windows PC Specific

  • Intel Pentium 4 processor or AMD or better
  • Windows 7, 64bit
  • Windows 8, 64bit
  • Windows 10, 64bit
  • Windows Server 2012 or later
  • OpenGL 2.x or higher


Mac Specific

  • INTEL-based Mac, Core2Duo processor or higher
  • Mac OS X 10.10 or later


What’s New

KeyShot 9 Version Comparison


  KeyShot HD KeyShot Pro KeyShot Pro Floating KeyShot Enterprise
Import 30+ 3D File Formats yes yes yes yes
Free CAD Plugins / Live Linking yes yes yes yes
CPU-Based Real-time Ray Tracing yes yes yes yes
Progressive Global Illumination yes yes yes yes
Scientifically Accurate Materials  yes yes yes yes
700+ Material Presets yes yes yes yes
Clod Library for Online Resource Sharing yes yes yes yes
Axalta Paints / Mold-Tech Textured Plastics yes yes yes yes
Scattering Medium / Volume Maps (.vdb support) yes yes yes yes
Cutaway yes yes yes yes
Multi-Layer Optics / Measured Materials (AxF,XML) yes yes yes yes
Material Templates yes yes yes yes
Textureable, Unit-Aware Material Properties yes yes yes yes
Colour / Specular / Bump / Opacity Textures yes yes yes yes
Image Textures / Procedural Textures yes yes yes yes
Interactive Label Mapping / Label Materials yes yes yes yes
Unlimited real-time and render output resolution yes yes yes yes
Pantone / RAL / CIE Lab Colours yes yes yes yes
Image-Based Lighting (HDRI) yes yes yes yes
50+ HDRI Environment Presets yes yes yes yes
Physical Lighting (Area, Point, Spotlight, IES) yes yes yes yes
Backplate Images / Frontplate Images yes yes yes yes
Image Styles / Tone-Mapping yes yes yes yes
Product Mode / Interior Mode Rendering Methods yes yes yes yes
Interactive Scene Tree yes yes yes yes
Interactive Camera Controls yes yes yes yes
Camera Depth of Field yes yes yes yes
Camera Walkthrough Mode yes yes yes yes
Camera Shift Lens yes yes yes yes
Rounded Edges yes yes yes yes
Screenshot yes yes yes yes
Unlimited Real-Time / Output Resolution yes yes yes yes
Render Output Image Editor yes yes yes yes
Customisable User Interface yes yes yes yes
Customisable Hotkeys yes yes yes yes
Workspaces yes yes yes yes
Save Reminders / Backup Revisions yes yes yes yes
Material Graph                  - yes yes yes
Multi-Material                  - yes yes yes
Geometry Shaders (Displace, Flakes, Bubbles)                  - yes yes yes
Panoramic Camera (Cube Map, Sperical)                  - yes yes yes
Real-Time VR Rendering / Viewing                  - yes yes yes
Model Sets                  - yes yes yes
Studios                  - yes yes yes
Configurator / Material Ways                  - yes yes yes
Interactive HDRI Editor / Sun & Sky                  - yes yes yes
Backplate Perspective Matching                  - yes yes yes
Geometry Viewer / Geometry Editor                  - yes yes yes
NURBS Ray Tracing                  - yes yes yes
Re-Tessellate                  - yes yes yes
Region Rendering (Real-Time / Offline)                  - yes yes yes
Render Queue                  - yes yes yes
Render Passes                  - yes yes yes
Render Layers                  - yes yes yes
Python Scripting                  - yes yes yes
Camera / Part / Material Animation                  - yes yes yes
Camera / Studio Switch Events                  - yes yes yes
Video Map Texture                  - yes yes yes
Deformation Animation Support                  - yes yes yes
Movie Output (Quicktime, AVI, FLV)                  - yes yes yes
Export to ZPR / STL / OBJ / FBX / GLB / GLTF                  - yes yes yes
FlexNet Server (Windows, Mac OS X, Linux)                  -                  - yes yes
Floating License Manager / Borrowing                  -                  - yes yes
KeyShotXR - Interactive, HTML output**                  -                  -                  - yes
32 Cores Network Rendering**                  -                  -                  - yes
Siemens NX plugin                  -                  -                  - yes


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