RhinoTerrain 2.0 

Powerful Digital Terrain Modelling for Rhino 5.0

RhinoTerrain™, a Rhinoceros plugin, is a powerful tool used to easily create digital terrain models. It is based on a robust and reliable constrained triangulation algorithm, able to handle huge data volumes. Fully integrated into Rhinoceros, RhinoTerrain™ uses all the geometric and graphical computing capabilities of this free-form modeler.

RhinoTerrain™ is suitable to anyone who may have an interest for realistic 3D visualization of Digital Elevation Models (DEM) or engineering works, ie: architects, surveyors, offices study, local authorities, designers etc.

Please contact us for a Trial License of RhinoTerrain 2.0

  • Available Versions:
  • Commercial Single User (Node Locked)
  • Commercial Floating License
  • Educational Single User (Node Locked)
  • Educational 30 User LAB Kit - Floating License


Key Features

RhinoTerrain Key Features

  • Input Data can be points, point clouds, curves or meshes.
  • Fast Terrain Creation Support for input using points, point clouds, lines and curves with HardBreaklines and SoftBreakline options.
  • RhinoTerrain will work with very large data sets at speed, supporting several million input points.
  • High Speed Delaunay Engine
  • Boundary Alpha Shape can find the most intricate boundary shape of a model; convex hull and most concave.
  • True terrain visualisation. OrthoPhoto mapping with geographical referencing for true terrain visualisation or 3d printing.
  • Contour Curve Generation Supporting automatic contour height annotation, making full use of multicore processors for larger terrains.
  • Slope and height gradient analysis. User defined colour gradient options, producing beautiful images.
  • Terrain Importer  USGS DEM (Digital Elevation Model) and ArcView ShapeFile importer


Technical Details

Technical Details / System Requirements:

RhinoTerrain (Standalone or Network / Floating Licence) only supports:

Windows 7 64 bit


Windows 8 64 bit.

So, Rhino 5 64bit (not 32bit) is also a requirement.


Recommended System Hardware:

  • Processor: (1 or more) i7 last generation (or higher)
  • RAM: 24 GB
  • Graphics card: Nvidia Quadro K4000 (or higher)
  • Free hard drive space: 1 GB


Additional notes should you be using the Floating License version of RhinoTerrain 2.0:

1. For the RhinoTerrain Client:

  • Being in the same workgroup and on the same network as the server
  • Be able to communicate with the server on port 6200
  • Have an installed LMX server and valid RhinoTerrain’s product floating license on it.


2. For the RhinoTerrain Server:

  • Install the LMX server provided from us and activate all floating license(s)
  • Network constraints
    • Being in the same workgroup and on the same network as the clients
    • Be able to communicate with clients on via port 6200


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