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Using the free-form capabilities of Rhino/Grasshopper + the BIM features that VisualARQ provides = Flexible BIM for Rhino.
Design, model and produce BIM projects of any free-form architectural design.
Work with powerful associative 3D achitectural objects also created from Grasshopper.

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BIM for Rhino3d

Share models with other AEC BIM modelling Tools in your office or with Clients & Contractors.

Parametric Architectural Library for Rhino3d

Walls, Curtain Walls, Doors, Windows, Openings, Columns and Beams, Slabs, Roofs & more...

Section & Plan Generator

Create full Documentation automatically from your 3D Rhino Model.  Plans, Sections, Elevations etc.

Real Time Sections

Dynamic Architectural Section & Rendered & Interior Views

Integration with Grasshopper

VisualARQ’s own Grasshopper components, bring Architectural objects inside your Grasshopper definitions.


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