Rhino into SOLIDWORKS Video Tutorial Series produced by Simply Rhino

Simply Rhino senior Rhino3d trainer Phil Cook has created a series of three videos examining the creation of a styling model for an engine cover that will ultimately be exported into SOLIDWORKS. 

If you use Rhino and SOLIDWORKS or you are a Rhino user and have co-workers or customers who use SOLIDWORKS then this video series is for you.

In the first video in the series, we take a quick look at setting out the main construction curves and basic slab surfaces before moving on to look at a less than straightforward corner blend in detail. The corner blend or ball corner is often an area that causes problems for designers and modelers and we look at using some simple tried and tested strategies to overcome this.

In the second video tutorial Phil examines adding local detail to the engine cover model created previously. In modelling the air duct detail there are two main considerations. First, it’s important to create a seamless transition between the main surface and the lead in to the duct and second it’s important to control the edge blends so that they transition between a relatively straightforward corner blend to run out completely into the main engine cover surface. These are both common situations in 3D surface modelling even though the specific context might be different. With the duct detail completed, Phil looks at creating the centre blend to join the two symmetrical engine cover halves before checking that the geometry is optimized for exporting.

In the third and final video in this trilogy Phil examines interoperability between Rhino and SOLIDWORKS. By making careful use of file referencing it’s possible to have styling data that can be updated in Rhino that drives parametric features inside SOLIDWORKS, thus saving time consuming re-modelling in both programs.


Tutorial 1 of 3 - Modelling the Overall Form and Complex Corner Blend



Read the Rhino3d - Engine Cover - Modelling the Overall Form and Complex Corner Blend Video Transcript Here


Tutorial 2 of 3 - Adding Detail 



Read the Rhino3d - Engine Cover - Adding Detail Video Transcript Here


Tutorial 3 of 3 - Exporting to SOLIDWORKS



Read the Rhino3d - Engine Cover - Exporting to SOLIDWORKS Video Transcript Here


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