Fologram - 1-Day Workshop


Developing Mixed Reality Applications for Design

(With mobile and HoloLens 2 in Rhino & Grasshopper)

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Holographic Brick Construction, (Fologram, Allbrick), Hobart Hospital, 2019

Holographic Brick Construction, (Fologram, Allbrick), Hobart Hospital, 2019


As mobile phones and head mounted displays (such as the Microsoft HoloLens 2) become increasingly capable of accurately mapping and interpreting our physical world, traditional paper and screen-based media for communicating design and construction information will become superseded by precise, contextualised, shared and interactive mixed reality experiences. We are already witnessing this transformation occur within industry, as contractors seek to reduce the time, cost and risk of construction by working from mixed reality instructions that eliminate inefficiencies, redundancies, impracticalities and complexity of building from 2D information. Generating holographic fabrication instructions directly from design models opens up significant opportunities for design experimentation, as structures with complex spatial relationships or significant variation in form, structure, pattern, material and so on become more readily described in mixed reality. This workshop will introduce participants to our platform for creating real-time mixed reality experiences within Rhino and Grasshopper using mobile phones and the HoloLens 2 in order to explore these implications and share insights into immediate use cases for mixed reality in AEC.


Interacting with parametric models in augmented reality using Fologram

Interacting with parametric models in augmented reality using Fologram


Workshop Objectives and Outcomes 

The workshop aims to give all participants a strong foundation in developing mixed reality applications within Rhino and Grasshopper in order to explore and prototype mixed reality design tools, workflows, fabrication approaches and construction logistics. After completing the workshop, participants should have a clear technical understanding of event based modelling in Grasshopper, how to leverage combinations of screen based and head-mounted mixed reality platforms and the advantages and limitations of mixed reality approaches to design and construction. Specifically all participants can expect to learn to:

  • Translate parametric design models directly to holographic construction information.
  • Build mixed reality user interfaces to control parametric models, customize design workflows and streamline sequences of fabrication tasks.
  • Create and detect QR codes for part identification, placement and tracking
  • Develop multi-user collaborative applications with cross platform support
  • Implement best practice for a mixed-reality-first approach to design and construction 
  • Brainstorm use-cases for mixed reality in AEC

Applications built by participants during the workshop will be discussed in short presentations at the conclusion of the workshop.


Mixed reality in the design studio, Bartlett UCL, 2019

Mixed reality in the design studio, Bartlett UCL, 2019


1-Day Workshop Schedule
  • 9:00am - Introductory presentation of Fologram projects
    • Develop an understanding of how MR has been applied to fabrication and design challenges, how to ensure that you are getting optimal functionality from the HoloLens, how to share what you see on the device with others and first-hand experience of placing and interacting with holograms in Rhino.
    • Introduction to Fologram Learn resources
    • Introductory Lecture on Fologram Holographic Design Research
    • Participant Discussion - share research and practice focus of participants
  • 10:00am - Introduction to Fologram for Grasshopper
    • Learn to prepare models for mixed reality experiences, connect mixed reality devices (mobile phones and the HoloLens) to Rhino, stream geometry, materials and environment parameters and create shared experiences.
    • Tutorial and Implementation: Mixed Reality in Rhino+Grasshopper 
      • Installing Fologram for Rhino and Grasshopper
      • Synchronizing parametric models with mixed reality devices
      • Streaming transforms to animate models
      • Working with 3d Scan data from the HoloLens and mobile devices
      • Precise model location and shared experiences on mobile

Task: In-situ design challenge

  • 11:30am - Computer vision in mixed reality
    • Learn to create QR codes for accurately locating holograms in space, and embed custom data in QR codes to track physical parts or tools.

Tutorial and Implementation: Tracking hands and pointers

  • Getting hand and pointer data
  • Using events to filter data
  • Preparing a model for cross-platform use

Tutorial and Implementation: Working with QR Codes

  • Creating positioning QR codes
  • Creating custom QR codes
  • Code tracking in grasshopper

Task: Modelling application with QR codes or hands

  • 1:00pm -  Lunch
  • 2:00pm - Building mixed reality applications in Grasshopper

            Interact with parametric models using events triggered on mixed reality devices. Gain an awareness of how to create interactive holographic instructions from parametric design models. 

            Tutorial: Creating multimodal applications

    • Creating micro-models
    • Using state gates to switch between micro models
    • Using global variables to pass data between micro models
    • Demonstration of typical modelling use cases (drawing, editing, copying, creating surfaces, meshing, materials etc)

        Task: Visualizing and interacting the simple parametric models

  • 4:30pm - Preparing videos and demos for exhibition
  • 5:30pm - Presentations and discussion


Steambent Timber Pavilion, (Gwyllim Jahn, Cameron Newnham, Soomeen Hahm, Igor Pantic), Tallinn Architecture Biennial, 2019

Steambent Timber Pavilion, (Gwyllim Jahn, Cameron Newnham, Soomeen Hahm, Igor Pantic), Tallinn Architecture Biennial, 2019 


Workshop Leader

Sean is the Fologram for Rhino Product Manager at Fologram, a design research practice and technology startup building a platform for designing and making in mixed reality. Fologram’s design practice has been internationally awarded, most recently for the Tallinn Architecture Biennial Installation Competition, for which Sean worked on the project’s design, delivery and construction. Sean holds a MArch from RMIT University and has a background in algorithmic design and advanced fabrication in architecture. He has industry experience in developing large-scale 3D printing and robotic fabrication applications for permanent building structures as a Project Leader at Studio Roland Snooks. Sean has previously held academic leadership positions at RMIT, Melbourne and Monash Universities where he has developed design courses in mixed reality, robotic fabrication, 3D printing, behavioural design systems and creative applications of machine learning. 


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No Fologram Workshops are Currently Scheduled.

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