Rhino for Jewellery Taster Workshops


Take Your First Steps Into CAD for Jewellery with a Rhino3d Taster Workshop


  • Within these 2-hour workshops at the Goldsmiths' Centre we introduce Rhino3D (Rhinoceros) to those entirely new to Computer Aided Design (CAD)
  • These practical sessions will give you a chance to learn about the Rhino interface, commands and best practice techniques for beginning your journey into computer based 3D Design
  • Rhino3D is scalable and used in many design and manufacturing industries, if you're thinking of bringing CAD to your workflow then attending one of these sessions would be an excellent starting point to learn more about one of the most widely used and affordable CAD solutions
  • Although the workshops focus on jewellery design they are also suitable for those from all creative and manufacturing industries such as Architecture, Product Design, Furniture Design, Jewellery, Fashion and Accessories, Point Of Sale, Reverse Engineering, Marine Design, Sculpture & 3D Print. The short taster the workshop provides will give you an insight in to how CAD can help improve your workflow
  • These sessions are taught by Jeweller and CAD Jewellery expert Jack Meyer
Bookings for these workshops are only available via the Goldsmiths' Centre. 
The links below will take you to the relevant class booking page on the Goldsmiths' Centre website:


  • First Steps Into 3D CAD for Jewellery - 6-8pm, Tuesday 14th July 2020 | Booking available via the Goldsmiths Centre HERE
  • First Steps Into 3D CAD for Jewellery - 6-8pm, Tuesday 8th September 2020 | Booking available via the Goldsmiths Centre HERE
  • First Steps Into 3D CAD for Jewellery - 6-8pm, Tuesday 10th November 2020 | Booking available via the Goldsmiths Centre HERE


Course Tutor - Jack Meyer

Jack Meyer has been providing jewellery CAD training in London's jewellery district Hatton Garden since 2006. Over 800+ students have passed through his classes over the years. His combined background in computer graphics programming as well as jewellery manufacturing is unusual among jewellery CAD instructors. He is also one of the few jewellery CAD instructors in the world who is certified to provide training in all major jewellery CAD software packages. When not writing or delivering courses, he runs a bespoke jewellery design business and moderates a jewellery technology trends blog, where he uses his combined knowledge of all types of jewellery CAD to provide advisory to those keen on starting out in jewellery CAD.


  • After attending a Simply Rhino taster workshop you may wish to learn more. The ideal next step would be the certified Rhino Level 1 training class delivered by Sean or if you're a Jeweller then we have a bespoke Rhino Level 1 Jewellery class which Jack teaches
  • Please note that anyone booking on to the Simply Rhino Level 1 class after attending our taster workshop will have the taster class fee discounted from the 3-day class price
  • You can see dates for all our scheduled Rhino training classes here.


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